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Our Mission at Rejuvhair.com


Rejuvhair is based in Coto de Caza California in the rolling hills of South Orange County. Our mission at Rejuvhair is to assist both men and women in finding a solution to hair loss and promote a healthy full head of hair. We searched the market for quality products with a long term track record of satisfied repeat customers at an affordable price. After researching the hair loss product market we found that the Inhairit line of products met these qualification and in addition are produced from all natural safe herbal ingredients. 



Committed to Quality products, Service and Satisfaction 

At Rejuvhair.com we are committed to quality products and customer service and satisfaction. Inhairit products are made from natural ingredients, prepared from the highest quality herbs available. These products went through years of testing before being released for production. The products are safe and easy to use and are waterbased and ordorless. Inhairit products have been on the market for the past 17 years, not to mention the years of testing before that. For these reasons we believe this line of products will provide the best results for the money you spend on a treatment.


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